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Figuring It Out

Mar 7, 2019

In this episode, I talk with Matt Wechsler, an award-winning filmmaker from Chicago and the founder of Hourglass Films. He is a self-taught filmmaker who grew up in a family video production business. After servicing over 500 clients over 12 years, Matt decided to hang up his work-for-hire hat to pursue his dream of documentary filmmaking. He has since been nominated for two local Emmy awards and has won several film festival awards. Matt’s passion to solve complex issues continues to drive his desire to make films.

I knew the food system was complex, but Matt’s documentary and this conversation opened my eyes even more.

In today’s show you’ll hear:

  • how a trip to the farmer’s market caused Matt to go down the rabbit hole to understand the importance of what makes food and farms sustainable
  • his personal experience with changing with the way he ate including losing 10 pounds
  • how unavailable water is despite planet earth being mostly made of it, the impact food policy has on farmers
  • the amazing relationship he developed with farmers
  • why despite current food policy, Matt’s outlook is refreshingly positive and how he always finds an opportunity
  • and the TRUE cost of food

Check out Matt's Film: