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Figuring It Out

Mar 14, 2019

Dr. Susan Cucchiara is a Naturopathic Doctor who graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.  She is trained as a primary care physician and is an expert in natural and holistic health.  Dr. Cucchiara sees everyone from pediatrics to geriatrics and treats everything from the common cold to chronic disease.  She does so using safe and effective healing techniques specifically tailored to each unique individual.  Dr. Cucchiara specializes in nutrition, metabolic disorders, hormones, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmunity, mental health disorders and more! She is now in New York practicing in New York City and also offers phone and video consults.

You can learn more about Dr. Sue's practice on her website or by following her on Instagram

This conversation was really special to me because not only is Sue an ND with a unique approach outlook on holistic wellbeing, she's MY ND! For about a year at the launch date of this episode, Sue has been helping me heal my body from the inside out. The experience has been nothing short of transformative as I've uncovered the root cause of many of my symptoms. I talk all about this in the introduction.

In addition to learning more about my personal journey, you'll learn:

  • What a Naturopathic Doctor is and why you might want to see one
  • Ancient practices that help us heal in a modern world
  • What crisis care is
  • The types of blood work Sue orders for most patients and what you may want to have done
  • Why you might not be able to lose weight despite your best efforts
  • What she covers in the hour-long first appointment
  • What the heck the MTHFR genetic mutation is and how I deal with mine
  • Why you might be struggling to lose weight even though you’re doing all the right thing

Each of us has a different story. A different body. Different needs. So before you listen to this episode, you should know that there is no one right way to be the healthiest version of you. Only you know what feels right in your body and should pursue solutions that work for you and your lifestyle.