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Figuring It Out

Mar 28, 2019

The earth is a pretty important place. It’s the one place we all have in common, the place we put our feet, and a place we hope our children’s children’s children get to enjoy.

But that can’t happen if we don’t play our part. This week I'm sitting down for a fun and enlightening conversation with Abby Cannon.

Abby Cannon, JD, RD is an attorney turned dietitian who lives a very low waste lifestyle. She received a degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and her law degree from Brooklyn Law School. While practicing law in New York City, she realized her true passions were for nutrition, wellness, and the environment and so she returned to school to become a dietitian. Her food philosophy marries sustainability and nutrition in an approachable, non-judgmental way. Abby's Food Court (both the website and the private practice) helps people to make the most sustainable choices for their health and the environment. On any given day, you can find Abby running around New York with glass jars and bamboo silverware. Follow her on her website or on Instagram.

Since our conversation, Abby has made a major career shift and is focusing on being an RD full-time and recently launched an “I Love My Body” campaign that went viral!

During our chat, we discuss: 

  • How connecting with her purpose helped her transition from being a lawyer to an RD AND how the two are interconnected
  • What it means to live a low waste lifestyle.
  • Shocking statistics about how many pounds of waste you’re creating every year.
  • Why you’re probably not recycling even if you think you are.
  • What greenhouse gases are and how they affect us.
  • What no waste essentials Abby carries with her daily.
  • Why sometimes what’s most inconvenient is actually necessary.
  • ...And how you, yes, you can make a difference starting now.

I hope that Abby will inspire you as much as she inspired me. If you have a minute and like what you’re hearing, I’d love for you to rate, review, subscribe and share with a friend.