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Figuring It Out

Aug 8, 2019

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go to a psychic -- like can this stuff be real!? And after today’s conversation I was blown away, nearly brought to tears, and fascinated by the gifts that Dallisa Hocking has. 


You can decide how much you want to believe, but you guys...this energy is real shit. The best part is, even if you think this is all a bunch of hokey pokey, you can learn a lot about how to tune in to make life more meaningful for you. 


Dallisa is the CEO of Spirit & Spark, 5th Generation Psychic Medium, Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Coach + Intuitive Energy Practitioner

Before she became a nationally recognized psychic medium, meditation teacher and spiritual coach, Dallisa led a very different life as an executive in the casino industry in Las Vegas. She has made matters of the heart, living mindfully and teaching people how to elevate their own lives her core mission. She founded "Spirit and Spark," a company devoted to teaching people how to live with intention, fearlessness and authenticity. Dallisa has trained with industry superstars such as Tony Robbins, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Lipton, John Holland, Lee Harris, Dr. Raymond Moody and Hollister Rand. She received her psychic gifts from her grandmother


  • How to attract the life you want 
  • Protecting your energy when you’re an empath
  • What a psychic, clairvoyant, medium is? 
  • Is being a psychic like being Mel Gibson in What Women Want? 
  • How to raise your energetic frequency to let more in
  • Trusting yourself to allow things to come through
  • Relinquishing control 

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