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Figuring It Out

Apr 11, 2019

Vijay Ravindran is the co-founder & CEO of Floreo - a groundbreaking research and venture-backed virtual reality therapy system to aid parents and professionals working with children with autism.

He is an accomplished entrepreneur and technology executive with experience in online retail at Amazon and the news media industry for The Washington Post Company.

Ravindran's career spans digital commerce and news media. He joined Amazon in 1998 when the company sold books and music. He later served as director of the ordering department at Amazon and led the team that launched Amazon Prime. As Chief Digital Officer for The Washington Post Company, he founded WaPo Labs and oversaw the development of over a dozen products in digital news and launched Washington Post Social Reader and Trove, a personalized news web application.

He is an engineering graduate of the University of Virginia and serves on the Board of the Lenfest Institute, which develops and supports sustainable business models for local journalism.

You'll hear

  • How Vijay's position at Amazon opened the door for him to pursue his passion.
  • The inspiration behind FLOREO and the incredibly cute "first employee". 
  • Floreo's first steps and their partners and supporters who helped get the product off the ground.
  • The affordability and accessibility of Technological Therapy vs Human Therapy.
  • The fears and challenges that come with along with his venture being a creator of the first product of its kind in the world and a parent of a child with autism
  • Determining Real World Progress
  • FLOREO where the product stands now, ten years from now, their cutting edge technology and dreams to change the world of Virtual and Augmented reality training tools.