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Figuring It Out

Sep 3, 2020

Today’s guest, Emily Hochman, is using technology to help people develop long-term healthier habits while ditching diets for good, discover how to eat well for their bodies, and feel good in their skin. 


Emily Hochman is the 28-year old Founder and CEO of Wellory, the anti diet nutrition app on a mission to make personalized nutrition accessible for all. Wellory is a venture-backed startup based in NYC with a network of over 500+ health coaches, nutritionists and dietitians all over the country. 


Named Tech NYC’s “Top Five New York Health and Wellness Companies to Watch in 2020”, Wellory is also the creator of National Nutrition Day, a national holiday dedicated to celebrating healthy eating. 


Hochman has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider and named “13 Under 35 Innovators” by her alma mater, Bucknell University. 


Wellory, which Emily and I dive into during the show is a newly launched App where users get one-one daily support with nutrition coaches -- think you’re at the grocery store and you’re not sure what you grab, or you’re heading out to dinner and want to pick something that feels right for you but need an extra level of support. Their goal is not to tell people WHAT to eat but to support people to change their relationships with food for good. They help people make micro-adjustments that add up to really big change. 


This isn’t another diet...she created Wellory because diet culture is damaging - regardless of your age, gender, or ethnicity, we’ve all been exposed and impacted, but nothing helpful, affordable, or accessible existed.  This is about healthy habits for the long haul. 


And let’s be clear pizza, dessert, wine, whatever that “bad” thing that crosses your mind is not unhealthy either - that’s the beauty of what they’re doing. 


It’s about learning to live in the present moment and trust your body to make the right decisions for you.


During our chat we talk about...


  • Being a responsible risk taker in life and business
  • The Hochman family dinner think tank, and the importance of engaging with the company during meals
  • The meeting point of creative expressive performance and entrepreneurship
  • How she became passionate about health, wellness, and making it accessible to more people
  • The power of intentional Food Journaling in finding out what works for you
  • How Wellory works and how they support people in being healthy without the diets or food guitl
  • Ellory’s four basic principles to feeling your best - and yes one is to drink more water

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