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Figuring It Out

Oct 31, 2019

Paige Pichler is a writer, yoga instructor, Project HEAL National Ambassador and kundalini yogi. She helps people heal from trauma, old wounds and limiting beliefs by changing their energy to change their lives. Her goal is to help as many people as possible heal, transcend their karmic patterns and step into the lives they came here to live. Find her at and on Instagram @paigerrpich.


If you’ve ever felt stuck in a cycle, like “bad things” keep happening to you, like you’re attracting the wrong relationships, or like you just can’t do it anymore this episode is for you. Many of us feel this way, but instead of finding a new way, we stay stuck in the patterns we’ve created, or the patterns we’ve been trained to follow.


The good news is, there is a path out, and for today’s guest, that path was spirituality and connecting with her authentic self. No what she does for a living or what her body looks like, but who she was at her core.


Paige and I talk about how past traumas manifest in our bodies and the impact our life experiences have on our ability to be present and act with compassion towards ourselves and others. We also talk about how those traumas can appear as self-loathing, hatred, and cause a spiral into darkness. 


I loved talking to Paige about what it means to manifest, how to let go, and how our intuition, if we listen can be our most powerful guide. 


Paige says “When I needed to be thinner, make more money and have an amazing job title, I found that once I got there, I was just as miserable as when I started.


Our self-esteem is hinged on conditions and boxes we need to tick in order to be happy.


We’re missing the point of our lives.”