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Figuring It Out

Aug 6, 2020

This week’s guest is Paul Fishman - a self love coach, business mentor and you-do-you activist. He hosts the top rated podcast the road to self love and has been lauded for creating safe space, compassionate courses, and a community that is warm and welcoming. 


He’s passionate about helping others gain their confidence. He even offers a 5 day self confidence challenge. 


He’s been featured on The SKinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast and the blond files (a personal fave), The 


After having this conversation with Paul that’s no surprise that everyone loves him. I know you’ll feel his warm, empathetic, welcoming, and fun energy too.


Paul and I had this conversation at the beginning of the quarantine. I was planning to edit out where we talk about our COVID experiences, but I think that they’re relevant for any moments of adversity or challenge to help us become more resilient. 

We also talk about: 

  • Separating our feelings & other people's feelings 
  • Aligning with the her and now so you can get to know you
  • People pleasing
  • How detrimental the disease of busy is to our confidence
  • The masks we use to hide our true selves
  • Unlocking our childhood self
  • Why you should avoid becoming a compare-dashian 
  • And the 5 pillars of self-love


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