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Figuring It Out

Jun 18, 2020

Today’s episode is the continuation of that conversation where we dive deeper into her book Here All Along: Finding Meaning, Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life – in Judaism (After Finally Choosing to Look There).


We also talk about: 

  • How a break-up lead her to discover Judaism 
  • How the principles of Judaism are applicable to all of our lives
  • Why words are so powerful even the casual things you say
  • How empathy can make you better equipped for your job
  • Why the ethics of modern american law sets a low bar for morality
  • What it was like working for the Obamas (amazing obviously) 
  • Our shared love for the Cooked Media guys 
  • And, my favorite, if we can stop fighting ourselves we can find real meaning and joy...


If you’ve already listened to the mini series, you’ll know that Sarah is a really special not to mention incredibly smart and talented person with a gift for meaningful thoughts, ideas, and words. I could have chatted with her for hours about life. 


From 2009 to 2017, Sarah Hurwitz worked in the White House, serving as head speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama and as a senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama. Prior to working in government, Hurwitz was the chief speechwriter for Hillary Clinton on her 2008 campaign for president and a speechwriter for Senator John Kerry and General Wesley Clark during the 2004 presidential election. Hurwitz is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School.


These are really impressive credentials, but without any of these Sarah would still be impressive and praise worthy. She reminds me what it means to be good, and no matter what religion or belief system you identify with, I think you’ll find heartwarming inspiration in her words and the lessons she learned from these ancient traditions and practices.