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Figuring It Out

Jul 16, 2020

Katie Dalebout is a writer and podcaster, and the founder of let it out, a community for sharing *soft stories*, the tender tales that connect us. Her weekly interview show that began in 2013 now has over 4 million downloads and in 2019 she started Spiraling, a co-hosted anxiety show.

Her book let it out (published by Hay House in 2016) is an interactive guide to journaling. She’s spoken at Kripalu, Soho House, and The Wing and now runs a journaling based creative clinic and leads an online workshop for independent podcasters.


But mine and Katie’s conversation runs the gamut…in this episode you’ll hear us chat about



  • The way we act when something is about to end & presence 
  • Confronting emotions and making change 
  • Eating disorder recovery
  • Diet culture, “fat phobia”, and modern beauty standards 
  • Food as a coping mechanism
  • How to be in your body instead of ignoring it
  • Katie’s journey into “wellbeing”
  • Katie’s concept of “Soft Stories”
  • How to connect to yourself and surrender 
  • All of the amazing things that feed you that aren’t on your plate



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