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Figuring It Out

Jul 25, 2019

Last summer I discovered Dry Farm Wines who produce a no sugar or carb, low alcohol, low in sulfite, fine wines from all over the world.


This is a conversation with their founder Todd White. 


Not only is the entire team at Dry Farm wine lovers and experts, they’re fanatical about health and taste. They’re committed to the integrity of their product and only accept Natural Wines that have strict purity standards. Like us, they care about putting good things in their body, because as we know  -- when you put great things in you get great things out. 


Todd is so knowledgeable and passionate about wine, health, and creating a meaningful life.


During our conversation we talk about: 


  • What wine is and how it’s made.
  • What natural and organic wines are and the important distinction between them and conventional wines. 
  • Why finding wines with a lower % of alcohol can be a really good thing and what you should look for in a wine.
  • The dirty little secrets of the domestic wine industry (ahem 76 additives approved by the FDA).
  • Why expensive doesn’t always mean better. 
  • Why wine is toxic but also has benefits. 
  • How you can avoid that hangover once and for all
  • ...and my favorite part, what love and connection have to do with drinking wine. 


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