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Figuring It Out

Nov 29, 2019

Cherie Dawn Carr is the author of five books centered on self-healing through intimate relationship with the natural world. She is an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. She writes as Pixie Lighthorse to honor the unheard voices of her ancestors.


She found that teaching and talking to people about spirituality is challenging while we are possessed by our wounds, shadow, binary perceptions, boundaries violations, religious trauma and collective colonial violations. Her books aim to help individuals sort through the influences that block their connection to greater sources of peace and wisdom.


In today’s conversation, we talk about her new book Goldmining in the Shadows, which explores healing our inner selves and spirits so we can live more consciously today. 


We’re at a very particular and poignant time in our society, culture, and especially our political landscape, making this type of healing even more important.


It’s also the holidays, which despite being a happy time for most, can bring up a lot of emotions, anger, and sadness. If you experience that, this episode might be the perfect pathway to understanding why we feel the way we feel and being the healing process.

We also discuss:


  •     Finding a deeper sense of peace by going “in” and what that means.
  •     What a shamanic healer does /.; /
  •     How to create a foundation to in depth healing.
  •     What our shadows are and how to clean them out.
  •     Understanding what trauma is and the different types of traumatic events
  •     Why you don’t have to buy anything to healing, self-love, and self-care.  
  •     Honoring feelings instead of repressing them
  •     What it looks like to create a calm space inside ourselves
  •     How to do inner-child work
  •     From fashion to shamanism 

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