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Figuring It Out

Apr 22, 2020

I recorded this conversation with today’s guest awhile on Friday, March 27th, and it’s so crazy that 3 weeks feels like ago and a lot has changed but I think the insights & lessons are not only relevant now, but all the time. 


You may know Patrick best for his lifestyle-focused Instagram account, @aguynamedpatrick on Instagram. That’s how I first heard of him. He was the very first INFLUENCER I EVER followed. EVER. 


The way he crafted stories through images made life seem really beautiful. This account played a large role in why I wanted to move to New York. 


More recently he launched a you tube channel dedicated to interviewing world-class movers and shakers and has been recognized. He has been recognized by the New York Times and The Guardian as a top Instagrammer and was awarded the inaugural Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award by the CFDA. Patrick is a frequent host of dining events, cocktail parties, and gatherings around New York City and is a co-founder of The Liquor Cabinet, a mobile app dedicated to cocktail recipes. He recently launched and founded Untitled Secret, a talent management and creative agency dedicated to the support and development of artists and content creators.


Patrick has a way of garnishing life that I think is really special -- making moments memorable and special - even the little ones. 


During the mini episode we talk about:

  • How it’s impacted his work & space 
  • Being grateful for technology & social media in connecting us 
  • Uncertainty
  • And finding joy in our new habits & routines 


You can catch the full episode with Patrick when Season 2 drops next month. 


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