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Figuring It Out

Aug 27, 2020

This whole...pandemic thing has really challenged my relationship with myself. Without being able to go out...there was only one place to go and that was in and when it’s quiet, the whispers become loud. I decided to look inward, get quiet, notice, and listen. 


As I listened and watched I started my mood and anxiety was affected by things -- certain things people say, how well I sleep, the way I choose to spend my day, how much water I am drinking, the food I am eating, how I’m moving my body…


I also saw how hard I can be on myself...nothing ever good work...this podcast...not a good enough friend, co-worker…..could have done MORE.


It’s so hard to reconcile where these feelings come from...I am SO lucky. I have a job I can work from home, I’m healthy, I have amazing friends and family, I have EVERYTHING I could need and more. 


That’s all external and often a lot of it doesn’t matter if you’re not safe within yourself.  If you don’t feel comfort on the inside.


I think safety and comfort is a combination of internal and external, but without the internal the external carries less weight.


Where we can have an impact is within ourselves -- and I am so excited to share this conversation with Simi Botic with you because we talk about just that.


Simi Botic is a certified holistic health coach, Intuitive Eating counselor, and the author of Letting Go Of Leo: How I Broke Up With Perfection a memoir about overcoming her decades-long struggle with feeling like she wasn't enough. She is also a barre instructor and the founder of UNMEASURED: the virtual monthly barre membership that celebrates your body. Through her work, she helps women all over the world ditch perfection and heal their relationships with food and body image so they can begin to embrace their beautifully imperfect lives. To learn more, visit her at and @simibotic


During our chat, Simi and I talk about: 

  • How we want to reemerge from COVID
  • Getting to a place of feeling comfortable and free in our own skin 
  • When she realized there was a better way to live than being stuck in her own mind worried about her body and how life has gotten better since 
  • Developing a kinder, gentler, more positive relationship with ourselves 
  • Reliance on external validation
  • The dangerous game of perfectionism and how it’s a core limiting belief that holds us back 
  • Making space for life to happen
  • How we can learn about ourselves by the way we judge others
  • ...and so much more…


If you’ve struggled with self-worth, with body image, with navigating your way through life, and just want to feel good...this conversation is for you. 


Simi is absolutely lovely. 


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