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Figuring It Out

Jun 27, 2019

This is an atypical episode of How We'll Live - it's the first solo episode! Hailey talks to listeners in a new way, asking for their advice on her recent "roadblock", a personal story about growth and self-love, and highlights from 4 of the earliest episodes of the show. 

Do you ever just have a bad day? Or maybe even a bad week? 

In a world where "objects on the screen are less real than they seem", it can be easy to fall into the perfection trap or the desire to want life to be as perfect as it appears on Instagram and other social media. 

In this episode, the host, Hailey shares a personal moment when she learned what it meant to surrender, to feel truly vulnerable, and the moment made the promise that she would love herself just a little bit more. It is one of her most memorable, stand-out moments on my journey towards positivity, self-love, confidence, and the ultimate pursuit of passion. 

While we're more connected than ever, sometimes it seems like we're more isolated, but magic, love, and kindness happen when we're connected through  connectedness through sharing our experiences, thoughts, and feelings so we know that we are not alone.