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Figuring It Out

Jun 13, 2019

Matt Wallaert believes that behavioral science can change the world, and after this conversation, I agree. 

Matt Wallaert is a behavioral scientist and entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology and human behavior designing products and programs that help people live happier, healthier lives.

He’s also the Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health, and the author of the book Start At The End: How to Build Products that Create Change which was released on June 11th. It offers a new framework for design grounded in behavioral science by starting with outcomes instead of processes. The book seeks to understand why people do what they do and how to build products and services to bridge that gap.

Plus, he's a freaking awesome human being.


In our chat we also discuss: 

During the episode we talk about:

  • The paradox of choice.

  • Why we eat M&M’s.

  • How to change behavior both personal and organizational for the greater good.

  • How YOU, yes YOU can and maybe already are a behavioral scientist.

  • How to make decisions based on your authentic values.

  • How social media impacts our decision-making ability.

  • What it means to start at the end and why this authentic and ethical approach is a better way to have an impact on the world.


Matt was one far and away one of the easiest and funniest people to talk to. I wholeheartedly loved this conversation, and I hope you do too.