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Figuring It Out

Apr 22, 2021

Today...we’re talking about how to take better care of the planet. 


To be totally transparent, I don’t know as much as I would like about climate change or the details around the impact of my daily choices. 


However, what I do know is that our small actions can make a difference, and we’re reaching a point where we all need to be taking action and playing our role. 


Whether you choose to bring a reusable bag to the store, eliminate your use of single-use plastic like ziplock bags, replace your plastic tupperware with glass, reduce the amount of times you order takeout or buy plastic water bottles, eat less meat, shop second hand, your actions do add up and they do make a difference. 


Some of the things that I do include, making an effort to recycle all of the items that can be recycled, shop in the bulk section of the grocery store, forgo plastic bags for my fruits and veggies at the grocery store, say no to the bag when I can, have a meatless day each week, and try to buy from brands who are making an effort to be sustainable. I turn my lights off and don’t leave my heat or AC on.


I am far from perfect, but I am trying to learn so I can make mindful actions when it comes to my choices.


And today’s guest taught me SO much to help inform these choices. 


Lauren Gregor is Founder and CEO of Rent a Romper, a rental clothing company for children because they grow so fast. Prior to founding Rent-a-Romper, Lauren served as a strategy and operations leader at FirstGroup plc and Los Angeles Unified School District. She brings her experience in business and as a mom to her goal of making life easier for parents and the planet. Lauren lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons, Bennett and Avery.


I was so inspired by Lauren because I love people who are passionate about something and then do something about it. People who take action!


And yes, you heard that right, Not only does this week’s guest care about the planet and is doing something about it, she works full-time as director of Strategy at a Charter School Network oh, and she has a husband and two sons. 


During our conversation we discuss: 

  • How Lauren became interested in Sustainability and got the idea for her company, Rent a Romper
  • How small changes, one at a time in her home helped her become more sustainable
  • She shares some pretty shocking stats about the impact of fast fashion, landfills, and the work environments where these clothes are produced
  • The B word...yes...balance and Lauren’s strategies for achieving it
  • And Lauren shares her view on how many hours a week we actually need to work and how to follow your passion dipping one toe at a time


Lauren inspired me to make better, small, daily choices AND to continue to take action on my passions, which can with a busy life fall by the wayside. 


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