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Figuring It Out

Jan 21, 2021

I discovered today’s guest on one of my favorite sites...goop (obviously).


When I read that Michaela Boehm was GP and Brad’s intimacy coach, I knew I needed the inside scoop. 


While no relationship is perfect, GP & Brad’s is definitely goals.  


My conversation with Michaela helped me realize that you don’t achieve couple #goals without hard work and dedication.


Michaela is an expert in intimacy, relationships, and sexuatlity. She’s a speaker and counselor whose work centers around the intersection of intimacy and embodiment. 


She has an extensive in-person counseling background, clinical experience in trauma and addiction and an innovative somatic approach. 


Her work with celebrity couples has been featured in international print publications, TV programs and online talk shows. Most recently her approach has been featured on the Netflix Series [UN] WELL.


During our conversation, we talk about…


  • Michaela’s talks about traveling for work, her teaching partner, being known for having famous clients. And she explains the goal of her work at the intersection of embodiment, sexuality, and relationship.


  • Getting to the root cause of behavior patterns influenced by previous injury Michaela walks us through how she would treat someone she is working with, and gives examples how she must peel back layers of someone’s relationship in order to find the root issue


  • How behaviors in relationships are imprinted on us from our past relationships, and model relationships in your life. We often repeat the same behaviors we saw in relationships growing up.


  • The body has to be the instrument of perception. It gives signals that if you can become in tune with will help you connect with yourself as well as other people 


  • Michaela recommends physical movement to help every aspect of your heath, and relationship. Being active and seeking out nature allows us to connect with our bodies, that then allows us to know, and communicate our wants and needs more appropriately. 


  • Michaela shares advice on how to approach resolving communication issues. As well as how to keep communication skills strong. 


  • That self-care is important for attaining a strong intimate relationship with yourself is not only important for you is also important in how you form relationships with others. 


  • Michaela talks about her displeasure with the spread of misinformation about subjects she has experienced countless hours in the field of. 


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