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Figuring It Out

Nov 14, 2019

I’ve been thinking a lot about celebrating our similarities and the things that make us all human so today’s show couldn’t have come at a better time. 


I believe there are more things that make us the same than different...even men & women.


I often wonder what type of pressure men feel in today’s society. 


What it means to “be a man.”


Boys are or historically have been taught not to cry, to bring home the bacon, and to be “manly” -- whatever that means. 


They’re supposed to like sports, have deep voices, and do the chores that require heavy lifting. 


I think strides are taken to shift this, but I think taking the time to consider men’s ability to be vulnerable, sensitive, and open about their emotions is really important. 


I found a blog post on the Atlantic about shame and gender and a conversation with Brene Brown that shared that men’s shame is inflicted by women in their lives who tend to be repelled when they show chinks in their armor. 


This made me sad and want to know what I can do as a woman in supporting men to be open, honest, and real. As michael says in this interview...if you don’t give your man space to share his dreams he’ll never share his fears. 


I met today’s guests at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition - you can listen to the unedited version to hear our little catch up sesh - it was so much fun hearing what they’re up to today.


Michael & Pablo are both graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Like me!) 


Michael DeSanti is the owner of Authentic Self Healing LLC, a men’s fulfillment

coaching company and he is the co-owner of The Vital Guide, a retreat company for

men. He is a Transformational Trainer and the author of “New Man Emerging.” He is

committed to inspiring men to live lives of purpose and fulfillment.


Pablo A. Garcia is also a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef’s Training Program and has coached 3 years with the Joe Cross Reboot programs at Omega Institute. Motivated by his own personal struggles, Pablo transformed his life by studying and understanding what the body and mind need to thrive. He helps clients shift the habits and patterns that hold them back into positive and sustaining ones that better serve them. 

Michael & Pablo joined together to form, The Vital Guide, a company that helps men live more fulfilling lives by using simple yet effective tools. Together with his business partner they facilitate outdoor-based retreats for men seeking to reclaim their vitality and purpose.


During the episode we discuss: 

  • The cultural narrative around what it means to be a modern man. 
  • The power of men coming together in settings outside their homes. 
  • How they help men get the tools they need to shed their masks and really be seen. 
  • What it’s like representing men in wellness.
  • And the number one thing we can do to cultivate a society that supports men in a new way. 




Michael’s Website: