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Figuring It Out

Jan 23, 2020

For today’s podcast, I sat down with Stephen Sokoler the Founder & CEO of Journey Meditation, the world’s most supportive, inclusive meditation community both online and off. Journey is dedicated to helping all people live happier healthier, less stressed lives. 

They just launched Journey LIVE, the world’s first live group meditation app, to bring the wisdom and connection of live meditation classes to the digital world. They also work with organizations like google, facebook, disney, nike as well as charter school, hospitals, and non-profits to help their teams reduce stress and live happier, healthier lives. 

We talk about Stephen’s personal journey, the benefits of meditation on an individual and in the workplace, misconceptions about meditation, the unique structure of a journey meditation and how meditation is so important given our cultural landscape. 

If you’re interested in trying Journey, you can get 25% off using this link:



App store: Journey:meditation classes (Journey Live)  (IOS only)

Instagram: journeymeditation

Twitter: @journeymeditate