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Figuring It Out

Oct 29, 2020

Today, I sit down with Dr. Ingrid Waldron - a fellow Canadian - to talk about her work on mental illness in black, indigenous, and other racialized communities in Nova Scotia, environmental racism, systemic racism, social determinants of health, her experiences with racism as a child and adult, and 3 things we can all...

Oct 22, 2020

Kelsey really breaks it down and reminds us that there’s not a one-size-fits all way to heal.


Kelsey Patel is one of Hollywood’s leading wellness and reiki experts, as well as newly published author of Burning Bright: Rituals, Reiki, and Self-Care to Heal Burnout, Anxiety, and Stress. She is not only a sought...

Oct 9, 2020

Like many of us Nicola spent the early years of her career  spent the early parts of her career following a common path - university, travelling, job in London. In 2019 she realised that this wasn’t my “forever”. It wasn't my "passion". 


When she  began to actually stop and think about what it was that she wanted;...