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Figuring It Out

May 9, 2019

Chris Aimone is working at the intersection of technology and wellness as co-founder of Muse - a headband that assists your meditation practice by using EEG neurofeedback technology to analyze your brainwaves in real time while you meditate. By measuring your focus and progress over time you can stop guessing whether you're doing it right and start enjoying the benefits of an ongoing meditation practice.


Chris is an artist and inventor at heart with a masters in engineering science and computer science. He believes that meditation can help us live in greater harmony with ourselves and the environment. He created Muse with an ethos to develop technology that expands our perspective of ourselves and the world around us.


He’s built installations for the Ontario Science Centre and contributed to major technology projects featured around the world including the Olympics and Burning Man.


Listen to discover your own guiding light and how meditation and mindfulness could have a meaningful impact on your life.


He shares:


  • The story behind Muse and how the feedback on what’s happening when you meditate can help deepen your connection with yourself and ultimately the world.
  • Why meditation could be easier if we thought of it like brushing our teeth.
  • How we can leverage technology to connect with ourselves and have a deeper human experience.
  • Why meditation is like lifting weights for your brain.
  • The power of childlike curiosity.
  • That meditation is practice and it’s okay to start small.
  • And how you can learn to “be present’ and dance your way through life more effortlessly.