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Figuring It Out

Jan 11, 2022

Jillian is a certified life and weight loss coach and creator of the Body You Crave Method. She teaches high caliber women how to end emotional eating, lose excess weight eating the foods they love, and feel amazing in their bodies - no cheating required. 


  • How her childhood impacted her body image and created a hyper awareness around image throughout high school 
  • The years she spent obsessing about working out and diets, low carb and low fat 
  • How she approached body image, weight gain, and cravings while pregnant 
  • Why wellness doesn’t have to be so “sexy” the way it’s portrayed in the media, it’s actually about mindfulness 
  • How to recognize when you’re satisfied and what will work for you long-term 
  • A correlation between how she focused on her finances and her body focus 
  • Strategies she used to shift her mindset to loving herself as she was 
  • Why no foods are bad they’re just better and best 



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