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Figuring It Out

Dec 2, 2021

Financial well-being plays a big role in our overall health and wellness but financial literacy is not something we’re taught very well in elementary school. But that’s what today’s guest is doing with her work...

Erin Skye Kelly is a bestselling and award-winning author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. Her new book launches on July 20, 2021. “Get the Hell Out of Debt'' teaches financial literacy in a way that is approachable, entertaining and inspiring. Erin’s resources have helped thousands of people pay off millions of dollars in personal debt, and are inspired by her deeply personal journey of regaining financial freedom. 

Though she is the former owner of a mortgage brokerage, Erin found herself with over $2 million of personal debt. Erin enlisted the help of financial professionals but grew frustrated when their debt consolidation and refinancing solutions only made the problem worse. Instead of paying off debt with debt, Erin set out on a mission to truly understand how money works. In “Get the Hell Out of Debt,” Erin recorded her findings and her financial advice, along with a healthy dose of love and laughter. Thousands of people have eradicated millions of dollars in debt because Erin Skye Kelly taught them how to get the hell out of it! Erin is a podcast host, educator, and leader who has created courses and workshops focused on financial empowerment. Erin is also a keynote speaker and has shared the stage with legendary motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Phil Town and Gary John Bishop.

During our chat we talk about: 

  • Normalizing conversations about money and knowing your worth - literally and figuratively 
  • How she found herself in 2.1 million dollars of consumer debt and how she got rid of it
  • Money jargon 101 
  • What she would tell her younger self while she was racking up all that debt 
  • How to set boundaries and rules around spending
  • And of course her book, Get the Hell Out of Deb 




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