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Figuring It Out

May 2, 2019

Today's podcast guest, Genevieve Piturro is the founder of the nationally recognized non-profit, Pajama Program. She had been climbing the corporate ladder in NYC for 20 years when her inner voice started nagging at her.

When she stopped dismissing it, her path and journey became more clear and easier to follow. It was as if the universe aligned. 

Her world was changed forever. 

Genevieve is a shining example of pursuing happiness and how great achievement feels when you do things with meaning and purpose. 

Today, Genevieve is a mentor for others looking to tune in with their intuition, or as she calls it, the "heart-voice connection" to find a deeper sense of fulfillment. 

In our conversation she shares: 

  • Why contentment isn't enough in today's world. 
  • How a simple question from a six-year-old girl changed her life forever. 
  • How and why she left the corporate world and started a non-profit (including noshing a lot of popcorn). 
  • What she did about naysayers and uncertainty. 
  • Why connecting with your intuition will help your energy start flowing.
  • How doing work that gives back is what life is all about. 
  • How to tune in with your heart voice connection and stop dismissing it.