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Figuring It Out

Sep 19, 2019

Jennifer McCartney is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous books. She has written about utopias, time machines, and train travel for outlets like BBC Radio 4, The Atlantic, Architectural Digest, Vice Magazine, Teen Vogue, Curbed, and CBC. She is a regular contributor to Publishers Weekly.

Her parody The Joy of Leaving Your Sh*t All Over the Place (Countryman Press/W.W. Norton) is a New York Times bestseller published in 5 languages. She is also the author of the Little Book of Animal Philosophy series with HarperCollins, and the humorous handbook, So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh? with Running Press. In addition to non-fiction, she has published one novel Afloat (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin) which was a Canadian bestseller. The Times Literary Supplement called the debut “powerfully evoked…riotous, and disquieting.”

Yes, we talk about the benefits of being messy (and YES! There are many), it’s about shifting our thought patterns around what it means to be successful, how we’re conditioned by society, our thoughts on productivity, what it means to clutter mindfully, and how our possessions can actually bring us great joy.


Whether you get joy from being a slob or a neat freak, it doesn’t matter because as far as I’m concerned, the only part of that that matters is the word joy.