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Figuring It Out

Apr 25, 2019

Thomas Curran is a personality psychologist who His research rose to prominence following a 2017 publication of the first systems-level cohort study to show that perfectionism is on the rise in American, Canadian, and British college students Since then, he has written and spoken extensively on how we have created societies perfectly calibrated to promote perfectionism, which is contributing to almost epidemic levels of serious mental illness among young people. Thomas is the author of over 30 published papers and has received numerous awards for his scholarship and research.


If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram wishing you had what “she has”; had your brain on fire with anxiety ensuring all of your t’s were crossed and i’s dotted; or simply hold yourself to the highest of standards...ones that you would never hold someone else to, I think you’re goingn to love today’s episode.


We talk all about:

  • the culture of the perfectable life

  • The 3 types of perfectionism & perfectionistic tendencies

  • Why perfectionism is an epidemic

  • The negative impacts of perfectionism on physical and mental health

  • Perfectionism vs. achievement why perfectionists never feel successfu

  • Why perfectionism doesn’t energize high levels of performance contrary to popular belief

  • And our collective responsibility to change the culture